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The purpose of this website is to present a picture of me and my experience as a self-employed ICT project management professional. I’m an experienced project manager. The experience I have gained in various business sectors. Here I digitized in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams business processes, which suits me. The transformation process of digitization and robotics where many companies are working on I find very interesting. To fully support this process I work closely with my clients and bring people from different disciplines together in order to create innovative solutions. The basic principle in my commissions is to mobilise an organisation's energy and powers of thinking, so that employees understand what it is all about and if necessary can change direction with it. This, together with the complexity of organisations in which people often operate with different interests, is a working environment in which I feel completely at home and where I am able to actually help those organisations move on.
Bas Wassenaar
ICT project management
Wassenaar Consultancy bv
Jane Addamslaan 135
1187DA Amstelveen
+31 (0)6 212 53 892