My focus is on ICT project management. I have attended many training classes in this context, in the field of technology as well as that of management. Here are a few relevant courses:

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Completed studies in Information Management at the faculty of Economics and Econometrics and I am still connected with the university through the Fellows programme. This covers continuing education for alumni, enabling them to keep on developing personally as well as professionally in a rapidly-changing field. It is a community of enthusiastic participants who in gatherings with inspirational speakers collectively examine their ideas in depth and prepare themselves for the future.

Mentor University of Amsterdam

I am also a mentor at the University of Amsterdam for final year students reading International Consultancy & Social Change. They are given an assignment to imagine themselves in four stages (tangible, conceivable, doable and feasible) of a particular subject and subsequently attempt to intervene in that context. These are socially-relevant subjects, for example Holland Casino's role in combating gambling addiction, the government's role in encouraging energy awareness, socially-responsible business, etc.

I have also followed all sorts of professionally-oriented training courses, such as Prince 2 and Agile, a project management methodology, as well as international standards in the field of the ITIL, ASL and BiSL operational ICT processes.

I also had a great deal of hard core technical training from AT&T and Microsoft at the beginning of my career. This included object oriented programming, UML, the C++ and VB programming languages, the UNIX and Windows platforms and the Oracle and SQLserver databases.

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